Ever since the dawn of time, it is evident that our problems have continued to evolve.
Nowadays, attacks are not only physical in nature, but they are also virtual or online, which seems to be more destructive, i.e. cyber-crimes. Having an online presence in any form, from social media accounts to running an online business, is common. It also means you are exposed to cybercriminals and you might be the next target. With the increasing number of cyberattacks you need to have an efficient cyber security solution for your business safety and personal systems.

A successful cyberattack can cost you a fortune and can lead to financial loss, data loss, leakage of clients’ information and might put your business at stake. As of today, success of any business is mainly dependent on how they use and protect data. In this regard, knowing about cyber security solutions is very essential for you, for your business and business growth.

You need to remember the phrase “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” and need to adopt a proactive approach to countering cyberattacks. There are numerous cybersecurity providers in Chicago Illinois, but you need to choose wisely when looking for a cybersecurity provider in Chicago.

What is cyberattack?

Cyberattack is an intentional attack by cybercriminals on your computer system or network server to damage your business or personal profile. These attacks are executed in a very sophisticated way by entering into your system through social engineering or by using any malicious code. It is aimed at stealing, altering or destroying your information and to launch more attacks on other systems.

All sizes of businesses are at risk of cyberattacks and require cyber security solutions in Chicago to keep your business safe and secure.

Following are common types of cyberattacks

  • Malware Attack
  • Password Sniffing
  • Man-in-the-middle Attack (MITM)
  • Phishing Attack
  • Zero-Day Exploit
  • Breach of Access
  • Insider Threat
  • Denial-Of-Service-Attack (DOS)
  • SQL Injection Attack

Best Cyber Security Solutions to prevent such attacks

Regular Upgradation of Security Software(Antivirus):

It is important to upgrade your antivirus software on a regular basis because with the passage of time, new threats launch themselves in the market of viruses. Mostly successful cyberattacks happen when your antivirus software has vulnerabilities and weaknesses, which acts as a green signal to cybercriminals. New updates of security software contain files which help to counter new viruses.

There is a variety of paid security software’s available in the market that update themselves automatically and increase the security level of your system.

Staff Training and Awareness:

According to a recent survey, Companies don’t feel the need to conduct staff training and awareness sections on cyber security solutions and cyberattacks. Employee training on cybersecurity threats is essential in ensuring your business security. Your employees have sensitive information about your company. Cybercriminals will try to approach your staff through fraudulent email that may contain malicious code or links.

They might even use social engineering and ask for log-in passwords or anything. Your employees should have awareness or training to tackle or judge these types of social engineering tactics.

Use of Powerful Passwords

password security
Using strong and complex passwords is your first line of defense against hackers and cybercriminals. If you have a simple password, it means you are making hackers jobs easy and putting yourself and your company at their mercy. Once hackers get in to your system, they can cause you and your company irreparable damage.

There are a number of techniques available on the internet guiding you on how can you make your password complex and powerful. Use of complex password helps you in always staying one step ahead of the hacker.

Firewall Improves Security

With each passing day, online security threats are also increasing. As a result of these threats, the importance and use of firewalls has also escalated. In layman terms, firewall prevents hacking and stop cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access of your system, data and emails.

Installing a firewall on your system is certainly a great defensive approach, preventing all types of cyberattacks make your system secure.

How to keep your email secure?

secure email

Business and personal communication is done through email. Securing your email is an essential for your Business security. Whenever you receive an email, don’t hurry to open it; you need to verify the email content; the sender of the email before opening the attachments.

Secure your email through Two-Factor Authentication and create strong and complex passwords. Cybercriminals make stories to trap their target and send them phishing emails; you should have knowledge and awareness that how to tackle these emails.

Outsourced Cybersecurity

Outsourcing your company’s cybersecurity to a firm is the sensible thing to do. Cybersecurity firm guarantees your company’s security, data is handled by cybersecurity professionals having years of experience and expertise.

Outsourcing your cybersecurity is beneficial for you, if you have a small or medium sized business with limited budget and resources.

Choosing a cybersecurity provider in Chicago, Illinois for your company is a difficult task because each firm in the market ranked themselves as top provider but you should go with a reputed and experienced firm like Advanced IT.

cyber security outsourcing


After learning about all cyber threats from the blog, you should start giving attention to your business security. If you are afraid of cyberattacks and cybersecurity vulnerabilities and want to make your company secure, simply outsource your cybersecurity.

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