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Advanced IT’s Cybersecurity services employ security professionals who utilize industry standards and concentrate on adherence to regulations and evolving dangers to assist you in recognizing weaknesses and lessening business risks, particularly for enterprises in Chicago, Illinois. Our experts will evaluate your security measures based on best practices, assess tools and frameworks collaboratively, and establish a plan to address any areas of concern.


Securing Proprietary Data

Protecting Company’s Trade Secrets/Processes for better Cyber Security Solutions in Chicago or any other area of United States.

Saving Cost

Cost of Interrupted Operations and computerized catch-up work when lost data is recovered.

Building Customer Trust

Valid Claim (on the website) that “Company A” Won’t Compromise Supplier/Partners’ Data.

Loss of Reputation

Reputation and Associated Business Loss in the event of Security breach or Ransomware attack.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Cyber-Insurance Demands for both Disaster Recovery AND Data Backup Plans in case of a Cyber Attack.

Staff Awareness

Educating company staff on the potential dangers that Cyber criminals pose.


  • Workforce training or cybersecurity awareness is a must-do task for all sized companies. It is the simplest and the most significant preventative measure to avoid cyberattacks and reduce loss.
  • After this training, employees will be well aware of cyberattacks and the types and shapes of different cyberattacks. They will learn how to spot the attack and give a practical, prompt reaction.
  • Preventative measures, which are technology-oriented, e.g., firewalls and different security software, etc., are essential. But, your cybersecurity strategy will be less effective if you lack staff awareness regarding cybersecurity measures.
  • It’s evident that hiring a cyber security services firm in Chicago for security awareness training is an intelligent decision to be taken and will benefit your business in the long run.


With DG365 at our disposal, ADVANCED I.T is the only cybersecurity provider in Chicago that makes your hardware and network run smoothly. All sizes of businesses are at risk of Cyberattacks and require Cyber Security services to keep your business safe and secure. We make it our utmost priority to keep your data safe. DG365 24/7 monitoring means you focus on business, knowing your data and operations are safe! DG365’s platform means cybercriminals back away not to get caught, so no assets are compromised! ADVANCED I.T’s Cyber security solutions in Chicago enables glitch-free email forbidding virus-ridden links or attachments to breach your networks easily. If you are looking for Cyber Security company in Chicago, you need DG365 reports to document your enhanced cyber maturity level with improved personnel behavior.


  • Threat mitigation using dynamic Behavioral Detection vs. outdated static Antivirus
  • Monitoring of Data & Operations 24/7/365 done by Cyber Career Specialists at the best Cybersecurity provider in Chicago.
  • Removes bottlenecks to safeguarding assets while demonstrating accountability
  • Ensures no partners’ data is compromised and your legacy reputation is maintained.
  • Blueprints for Cyber-Maturity improvements, and Proof your firm invests in Cybersecurity.
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Artificial Intelligence Technology and Tools

A.I. embodies dynamic EDR (Endpoint Detection Response), replacing former static antivirus software and utilizing Behavioral Detection to identify oncoming cybercriminal activity.

Security Operations Center - 24/7/365

Respond to alerts, determine incident status, contain malicious activity, remediate, give lessons-learned recommendations, and prepare documentation.

Incident Response

Respond to alerts, determine incident status, contain malicious activity, remediate, give lessons-learned recommendations, and document.

Quarterly Reports and Documentation

Advanced IT being a top-rated Cybersecurity company in Chicago, provide documentation that demonstrates the customer’s improved cybersecurity position and meets the demands of data risk management.


Security Awareness Training

Educating and engaging employees to become top-of-mind-aware and skilled at thwarting vs. inviting breach.

Policy Guidance

Some industries need assistance with policies and compliance to satisfy legislation and insurance claims


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There are multiple top cybersecurity companies in the United States, each with its unique set of pros and cons. However, the following are some well-reputed cybersecurity companies known for their top-notch expertise in their respective field. 

    • Palo Alto Networks
    • Cisco Systems
    • Symantec (now part of Broadcom)
    • Fortinet
    • Symantec
    • CheckPoint
  • AdvancedIT

Cybersecurity is a vast field with many types. Each of its types is important for businesses to remain safe. However, the three major types of security that are a must-have for businesses, are as follows: 

Network Security: Safeguards your network and data from any type of malicious activity. 

Cloud Security: Designed to prevent cyber attacks on cloud-based infrastructure, data, and applications. 

Application Security: Protects the application’s data and code from malicious intent.

Considering the worth of cybersecurity services in today’s market for all sizes of business, it goes without any doubt that many Universities offer Cybersecurity programs, and the University of Chicago is no less than others. It offers a variety of Cybersecurity programs. Some are short, while a few are long-term courses. 

Certificate in Cyber Security Studies: A self-paced program allowing students to gather basic knowledge of Cybersecurity. 

Cybersecurity Bootcamp: A 10-month cybersecurity course teaching students about Cybersecurity to work in the field. 

Master of Science in Cyber Security Engineering: A full-time, 2 years program allowing students to pursue a Cybersecurity career.

Since businesses today are more prone to cyber threats than five years ago, cybersecurity solutions are the best solutions to keep your data safe from being misused. Here are the following benefits of Cybersecurity:

  • Cyber Attacks Protection
  • Data Privacy
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Continuity
  • Cost Savings
  • Enhanced Reputation

Dr. Whitfield Diffie and Dr. Martin Hellman are known as the father of cyber security because of their life-changing work on public-key cryptography. They developed the concept of asymmetric encryption, which is now extensively employed in modern cybersecurity and secure communication.

Currently, cybersecurity solutions are employing new technologies in their mechanisms, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Intelligent threat detection, Zero Trust Architecture, Cloud Security Solutions, IoT Security Technologies, Endpoint Detection & Response, and Blockchain for enhanced security service.

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