Today, we live a better and more comfortable life than our forefathers. Why? Just because of this technology and digitization. We are using several digital devices daily that assist us in nearly every task of our daily life. But there are always two sides to the story; the same is true with technology. Every online entity’s main problem is security, and protecting your data is challenging. Cyberattacks are increasing with every passing day, and these attacks are costing a fortune to the victims. There are different motives behind these cyberattacks; the common motive is money. Cybercriminals steal or ask for money after hacking and accessing your system or network. Companies and individuals could be the target of these attacks, but companies are more vulnerable.

Phishing is one of the oldest and most effective cybercrimes in which the target or victim is asked to provide sensitive information. The cybercriminals pose to be from a legitimate body or a reputed source like a bank, insurance company, etc. Cybercriminals ask the target for sensitive information like your personal information, bank account details, and credentials to different online accounts. Phishing is usually done through email. After stealing this sensitive information, they get access to your restricted accounts and steal money or defame you.

5 Cyber Security Services You Require in Chicago to Prevent Phishing?

Workforce Training:

Employees’ training on phishing awareness is a mandatory step to take by all companies to protect their firms from cyberattacks and cyber criminals. Your workforce shall know how to identify and counter the danger of Phishing in email or during browser surfing.
Most of the time, new employees and interns are the potential targets of cybercriminals because these people have less awareness and knowledge about phishing techniques. They can get easily trapped because of their less ability, but still, many experienced and senior employees got also trapped by Phishing. So, keeping your employees informed about the latest phishing techniques is essential to keep your company out of danger.

Cyber Security to Prevent Phishing

Using Anti-Phishing Tools and Services:

It’s valuable to spend some money buying Anti-Phishing tools than getting affected more by losing your essential data to Phishing. Many free tools are available in the market that help your system get secured from Phishing but are less efficient than paid tools. 

Anti-phishing tools scan all of your incoming emails and confine if they are spoof or fake. Following are some Anti-Phishing Tools and services:

  • Avanan
  • Barracuda Sentinel
  • BrandShield
  • Cofense PDR
  • Mimecast

These tools are always beneficial for your company’s security and to prevent phishing attacks. Beyond all, hiring a cyber security services firm for your company’s security is also the right decision that increases your focus on your core business.

Think Before You Click:

While working at the office, you are bound to open several emails daily. You shall be vigilant and think twice before opening the link attached to the email you have just received. Whenever you receive an email, check the URL of the sender, verify it and then go to that link.

The cybercriminals behind these phishing emails pose to be legitimate and trusted bodies. The attached spoofed URL in the email is meant to steal your sensitive data, e.g., your personal information, credentials, credit card number, etc.

Strong and Complex Passwords:

Users’ complex passwords put cybercriminals in hot water. Considering all preventions, this technique is the cheapest and the most effective. Frequently changing passwords also helps you fight against cyber criminals and phishing attacks.

Using a passphrase instead of a password is also recommended, as passwords contain different letters and digits that are difficult to remember. At the same time, passphrases are also proven hard to crack. In Addition, you shall keep different passwords on different sites and keep rotating them; it adds an extra layer of protection.

Strong and Complex Passwords:

First Verify Then Give Sensitive Information:

In this current era of technology, thousands of internet users spend their time online. People are doing business, using social media platforms, and engaging with friends and family. Cybercriminals are also on the internet waiting for vulnerabilities of users. The moment you provide them the space, they hurt you. All businesses risk these attacks and require cyber security services to keep enterprises secured. Don’t hurry to give the information when you are asked about your credentials.

You must verify the website or email before giving any sensitive information. Phishing attacks are made by pretending to be a trusty and legitimate source; there only aim to steal your credentials and get access to your authorized sites. So it’s always recommended to verify the sender and website before giving any information.


If you run a business with an online presence, you must be vigilant and take a proactive approach to your company’s security. The best choice is to outsource your company’s cybersecurity. Choosing a cyber security company in Chicago for cyber security services is a tough task because, nowadays, each cybersecurity company is rating itself to the top. In Addition, if your business needs cyber security services in Chicago, hire today Advanced IT has a reputation for client satisfaction and has a team of cyber security experts.