As a Managed IT services company, Advanced IT can help improve HIPAA compliance and secure protected health information (PHI). Managed IT helps improve healthcare systems and bring forward OPEX models in place of CAPEX models.

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What is health information technology?

Health information technology or healthcare IT comprises various technologies that store and secure clinical or financial information, including hardware, software, or infrastructure. Health IT services such as a 24-hour IT help desk or a secure messaging platform can cut costs, protect electronic health records (EHRs) from data breaches, maintain HIPAA compliance, and increase interoperability and collaboration.

What is Managed IT for healthcare?

A Managed IT services company that works with healthcare providers offers services like monitoring system vulnerabilities, executing software patches and updates, and managing hardware and IT issues.  Providing technological solutions to problems is Managed IT for Healthcare.


What is healthcare Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is an efficient and easy way to access data from anywhere in the world. Having cloud services in Healthcare means that you can store data publically, privately, or on multiple cloud platforms. Cloud computing in Healthcare also helps in data backup and prepares disaster recovery solutions.


What is healthcare cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity in Healthcare protects all the data stored on digital systems and provides awareness regarding the best practices for data protection and HIPAA compliance.

healthcare cybersecurity