The car you drive, a smartphone that keeps you in touch with family, and a laptop that sits on your desk are tech-enabled necessities. It’s hard to keep track of every little piece of information that is exposed to cyber criminals. Not to mention, our money in the banks, our lives that depend on hospitals, and every bit of the modern infrastructure are entangled with technology that is potentially exposed to cyber criminals.

Technology is beyond a simple computer screen, its countless amount of data that surrounds our lives. It’s imperative to seek help and tighten the loose ends in your system. In short; with a bundle of responsibilities, organizations don’t have time or resources to check security 24/7. Therefore, the concern regarding cyber security services is also vital to the organization along with the technology.

Read on to understand how the fabric of our society is entwined with technology and what necessary procedures are required to mitigate cyber-attacks.

Growing Cybercriminal Activity

Businesses are focused on scaling their continuous growth while spending little time or effort to curtail cyber-attacks. Overlooking the seriousness of cyber activities is costing enterprises trillions of dollars every year. According to World Economic Forum, only 0.05% of cyber-attacks are persecuted in the United States.

Due to the lack of careful attention, cybercrimes are forecasted to grow by 15 percent every year. Cyber activities are predicted to reach $10.5 trillion each year. Meaning, organizations are hooked by illicit activities that drain their profits and reputation. Therefore, growth in cybercrime is organizational negligence – especially amplified with the recent cyber attacks in 2023.

With the adoption of new technology in an accelerated digital environment, companies require better and more sophisticated cyber prevention tools or services. You are only growing faster if your efforts are not leaked to malicious actors.

Lack of Competent Resources for Cybersecurity

With the growth of cyber activities, companies have a lack of potential in cyber security. Private and public organizations are finding it hard to fill vacant positions. Several major companies are deploying study initiatives to educate people with promising career growth. It ensures corporations are ahead of their cyber challenges with sufficient training of required resources.

Due to the shortage of skilled people, enterprises look to companies, who have seasoned cyber security experts to navigate through the complex network of cyber activities. It offers a better and longer commitment to protecting the company’s crucial assets.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace


You are coming short of talented resources. Now if that’s not the biggest challenge, diversity and inclusion is the second biggest issue in retaining the best talent. Poor initiatives in talent diversity blockade people from entering cyber security. Organizations require stringent policies to work for the removal of issues blocking the onboarding of new talent.

Well-rounded policies will offer greater participation of under-represented groups that are discouraged from entering the profession. Ultimately, prioritizing the needs of workers and removal of stereotypes from the workplace could attract better resources. Adopting the best practices will eventually lower the lack of skilled security professionals.

Companies that hold higher value for skills could progress with an inclusive talent pool. Therefore, it’s highly important to secure people from their vulnerabilities before closing their exposed assets.

Hybrid Working Model

Covid-19 proved the importance of flexibility for workers with a hybrid working model. Even though it’s a successful model for several companies, remote access requires proper training and education to secure valuable connections. Companies must enforce security protocols, so their company isn’t exploited by cybercriminals.


Key Factors to Mitigate Cyber Security Issues in Remote Work:

  • Create a data security policy
  • Equip people with the right technology
  • Updating your security features
  • Securing internet connections
  • Adhere to the “Zero Trust” policy
  • Secure work with cloud storage
  • Implement project collaboration and management solutions
  • Using complicated passwords and changing them frequently
  • Ensure end-to-end encryption of all important information
  • Continuously update employee education
  • Procedures to block malicious emails

New Methods of Cyber Activity

Companies are facing sophisticated attacks with evolving technology. Cybercriminals are using every means to solicit information from organizations with new and old cyber tactics. Every new threat is an advanced version of the older tricks that can sometimes easily breach security checks. Most cyberattacks are socially engineered with voice-over or masking a criminal’s actual identity.

Moreover, combined platforms like email, social platforms, and voice-over are used for illicit purposes. Criminals learn from past practices to evolve new techniques to gain organizational trust. Employees are trapped in giving their social numbers or passwords to important information. Major cyber security threats can be averted with simple planning and tools to stay afloat with the challenges.


Security to Prevent Crypto Theft

Government and private businesses are entering into crypto exchange along with cybercriminals. The Industry that has stored crypto is susceptible to growing financial scams and cyberattacks. Companies with stored crypto assets are usually making headlines for phishing or other malicious attacks. Most enterprises are trapped on fake platforms or websites that are designed to steal the victim’s cryptocurrency credentials.

However, it’s important to understand that crypto is not only associated with online currency but includes NFTS, play and earn games, and other practices. Axie Infinity was the most recent victim of the $625 million cyberattack on their crypto assets.

Wrapping Up

How to stop cybercriminals that are extorting companies’ crucial information and money specifically in Chicago? Sophisticated cyber security services are important to guard against malicious online activities. It will ensure protection and fear of legal actions when caught during their act. The right resources, talent, tools, and necessary protection is necessary to push criminals off the cliff.

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